Top 3 Takeaways From Capital Creation

Private Equity is all about timing – knowing what to back and when. Of course, that means a lot more than picking a winning horse, and one of the biggest influencers on an investment in this space is trend.

As much as we’d all like to believe we are total originators and masters of our own destiny, time and time again it is businesses that get the timing right and capture the public zeitgeist that rocket into the stratosphere. That’s why people still thank Thomas Edison for that lightbulb over your head.

Edison saw the trend for lightbulbs and capitalised on it, so while the 22 other versions that had come before languished in obscurity, to this day we still thank Edison for his work (amidst some debate, admittedly –

So to help you figure out which trends are the ones to get behind to bring in your winner, we asked our expert speakers to provide their three top takewaways from the Capital Creation Conference.

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