Anne Fossemalle

Director: Equity Funds

Main Conference Day 1 -

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

09:40 Community forum: Regional ‘One-Stop-Shop’- What do you need to know about regional European opportunities now?

Hear case studies and comparisons from those in the know, focusing on the strength of different European markets - with up to the minute commentary on what opportunities are presenting themselves across Europe, and the approach they envisage driving the best returns. A pan-regional overview in 40 minutes!

14:20 Community forum: Emerging markets and frontier markets - Which regions are delivering and where to watch for future growth?

Chair: Robert Gaut, Partner, Proskauer

- Which markets are now developed, which are still emerging, and where are the frontiers?

- Defining the check-list for success when investing in emerging & frontier markets – where are pioneering investors seeing success?

- Identifying the new regions to thrive in the next five years and why (including Brazil, China, Africa, India, Turkey, CEE)

Audience to vote for the top region to thrive in the next five years before and after the panel discussion

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Anne.

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